I like to believe that people are relatively simple. They aren’t purely good or bad, they only operate on their own wants and needs and will function at the maximum level if basic needs are met. For instance, functioning at maximum level means being happy and I’m happy if I can get enough sleep, food, and exercise. Our emotions are controlled by biological factors. It took me a long time to figure this out for myself; if I get depressed I need to run. Even if I don’t want to, I always feel better afterwards. However, I keep meeting people who break this rule that I’ve created and it confounds me every time. How can someone, or even all these people in the integration lectures, function properly and be happy when they don’t get any sleep or don’t eat or don’t exercise? Are they secretly emotionally unstable right now and just don’t show it? Especially in college, students’ lives are so unstable. A new home and family and food and sometimes a new time zone. I believe that we are all emotionally unstable right now. Some people are just better at keeping it in.