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New York, NY

Having been raised by international travelers, Safia is constantly looking for her next adventure. She is currently working as a research intern at the Public International Law and Policy Group after recently finishing her studies at Sciences Po in the beautiful town of Menton where she was pursuing her passion for international relations with a focus on the Middle East. While keeping obsessively busy with internships and associations, photography is what keeps her calm.

It’s probably easier to list the countries Safia hasn’t been to than the ones she has - frequently found in her natural habitat of Garavan station, she’s always ready to strike another sovereign state off her list. When she’s not off on an impromptu adventure, Safia is known to her friends as the Kitchen Gremlin, serving up hotcakes and hot takes on media, politics, and global issues. As a Dual BA with Columbia student, Safia looks forward to getting nearly run over while rushing to class in her native New York. Look her up if you ever want professional headshots, life-changing conversation, or just a couch to crash on in any major city in the Western Hemisphere.